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Who We Are

EventKeyz is a complete event management and planning solution. The principle goal of the Event Keyz team is to ensure the highest possible standard of support for clients, from product features to aftercare service. All our efforts are determined towards fulfilling these objectives:


What We Do

  • To create carefully designed, intuitive and bug-free software, that takes advantage of the latest technological developments
  • To provide a tailored, individualized solution that is based on the needs of the client
  • To offer an integrated service to support the business requirements of the client
  • To design and deliver a training program custom-made for each client
  • To ensure that our support team is responsive, caring and well-informed, with a will to go the extra mile
About Us

Why Choose Us

Event Keyz delivers cost-effective 360-degree event management software to help businesses organize and manage complete events online-while helping people discover events that fuel their passions. From backyard flames to classes to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Event Keyz houses events of all shapes and sizes. As one of today's leading event management platforms, Event Keyz provides innovative technology and low fees-and if your event is free.

We constantly inspire our vigilant users to take an active role in providing us with feedback and input. It's why we listen to them so intently. And it's why we are constantly making improvements to our tools.

What most software companies don't realize is that the secret ingredient to better tools is the collective insights of their customers. Having built many online applications over the last decade, we comprehend this. It's almost part of our DNA at this point.


Our Simple Process for
Event Management

Event Keys'z smart solutions are Powerful, Flexible and Customizable to manage event effortlessly.

Sign Up

Begin by signing up easily to access our user-friendly event management tools.

Create Your Event

Craft your event exactly the way you want it with our simple and customizable creation platform.

Accommodation Management

Make handling accommodations a breeze, ensuring a stress-free stay for your attendees.

Configure Email

Take charge of your event's communication effortlessly by setting up your emails with ease.

Sponsor Management

Manage sponsors smoothly to boost your event’s impact with their support.

Vendor Management

Coordinate seamlessly with vendors for an efficient event execution.

Trade Show

Elevate your event with a vibrant trade show, connecting businesses and attendees effortlessly.

Mobile App

Engage attendees with a personalized mobile app for an immersive event experience.

Go Live

Watch your event come to life confidently, knowing our tools have set the stage for success.

Smart Solution

EventKeyz delivers the events with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event from start to finish.
EventKeyz is used to manage events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings of professional organizations worldwide.