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Event Keyz delivers the events with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event from start to finish. Event Keyz is used to manage events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings of professional organizations worldwide.

Unique features

Seamlessly manage your events, calendars, venues, leads and billing, online registration, payment processing, attendee registration, sponsorships, tradeshow sales and ultimately providing post-event analytics - anywhere, on any device - with Event Keyz software .

Customizable Event

Capability of seamlessly pivot from virtual to hybrid to in-person as your event strategy evolves. Have control over the look and feel of your event page and have customizations according to the requirement of the organisation. You can also offer multiple ticket types, discount codes, merchandise, and more.


Manage event-related travel and accommodation requirements with all of the information connected to the relevant delegates or attendees and events. Accommodations can be registered using the tool for specific hotels associated with the event.

Payment Gateway setup

Securely manage a wide range of payment types in one place — trusted with PCI Level 1 compliance. Payment gateways can be set up for different events with different banks and financial agencies.

Email server Setup

Email servers can be plugged into the event portal for sending out invites. It is equipped with sophisticated features like automated email scheduling, HTML email capability, delivery, and open-rate tracking and reporting.

Android/ios Mobile apps

The application is responsive and can be contrived on smartphones and tablets. The Event Keys mobile app boasts a unique blend of information, engagement communication modules. This is the ideal companion for attendees on-site. From a list of sessions with speaker bios, live polls & attendee messaging, etc. Mobile event app software lets you create a custom mobile app for your event without complicated coding.

Badges (Printing, scanning)

Printing and scanning of accreditation cards can be done on the level with inbuilt scanners. It’s an easy-to-use, small scanning device that reads bar codes auto-generated through the registration module. It facilitates quick scanning and retrieval of attendee and booth guest information.

Website and theme designer

Create a fully configurable event website with the website module that allows your event to be professionally displayed, marketed, and promoted. Whether you need total control over the look and feel, or just want to point-and-click your way to a professional website, the website module supports every type of user.


Market and Promote your next event like a pro with our professional website, email, and social media tools.


The tool can conduct two kinds of surveys, event survey, and an independent survey. Independent surveys can be conducted independently of any event for any kind of review that might not be associated with any event. Event surveys can be conducted based on the requirements of the Event for different aspects and requirements.

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About Event Keyz

EventKeyz is a one stop solution to all event management and planning solution. This tool has a capability of seamlessly pivot from in-person to virtual to hybrid as your event strategies evolve. Every event has a distinct ideology and goal to achieve. EventKeyz understands the requirement and the best fashions for our clients to experience. Music festivals, marathons, conferences, hackathons, air guitar contests ,exhibitions, political rallies, fundraisers, gaming competitions — you name it, we power it. Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences. It’s also a strategic tool to increase visibility, compliance, and therefore costs savings. It can help you achieve company-wide results by increasing visibility across your events: their expenditure, adherence to corporate acquiescence, and the overall attendee experience. This is not just a solution for the event team, but also the sales & marketing teams, procurement and travel managers, and the finance team.

Who can use Event Keyz?

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